Single Parent Dating

Divorce is now more common than ever, and custody has been a major issue for parents in the last few decades. Dating and other social needs always take a back seat to caring for children on a daily basis. Divorced parents often prefer to keep their children unaware of their particular dating habits until a stable relationship has been formed with another person. This is done to ensure the children will feel comfortable with a new person in their life, but it can often take a huge toll on the parent's ability to even form relationships.

Many single people will not date a divorced parent with children at home because they feel the relationship will be too complex and demanding. This is beginning to change as more single parents are appearing on the dating scene, but there are still a few who shun them. These people see it as a large commitment to a new family, and the single parent is better off without them.

Parents who have chosen to date only when their children are with a former spouse are often limited to going out every other weekend. While they may have more time than that without their children, they also choose to spend time with family and friends. Their social skills may need to be polished before they can successfully date, and this requires them to take time to learn new skills.

Not every single parent compartmentalizes their dating life, but most of them choose to put their children first. The single parent who brings a different date home every week often upsets their children profoundly. While it does cut into their ability to date significantly, waiting until a stable relationship has been achieved is the best time to introduce children to their new partner. This gives the children, as well as the partner, a chance to adjust gradually to their new life situation.